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On our course pages you will find more information about the course content, admission requirements, application and interview. In each of the 3 years of the law school, the loan will be the amount of tuition fees minus a minimum of the then highest scholarship amount. Currently, the highest scholarship amount is $15,000. You may want to highlight how your experience shows that you have the skills to succeed in law school. In 2021, we plan to select 7 eligible students to participate in the ICLP. If you are selected, you will not pay tuition during law school, but you agree to repay your loan after graduation over a period of 10 years. Our admissions policy identifies a diverse and exceptional group of students with a commitment to excellence demonstrated through academic and other contributions to society. Together with our distinguished faculty and dedicated staff, these students form a vibrant intellectual community that contributes to Osgoode`s international reputation for leadership in legal education, thoughtful and creative science, and the advancement of social justice. We make admission decisions on an ongoing basis, with the majority of offers being made in January and February. Therefore, we recommend that you take the LSAT before the test date in November. Also note that we may make decisions prior to the release of final transcripts. In order for your Indigenous nominee file to be considered, you must provide documentation confirming your identification and connection to your Indigenous community.

In particular, we will carefully consider your service and your commitment or leadership in your community, in Indigenous affairs or in Indigenous circles. In our experience, these markers of solidarity and the ability to support others in your community correlate with academic and extracurricular success in law school. Please note: There will be NO credit for law firms conducted BEFORE the end of the law school threshold period by the applicant OR the submission of the commencement certificate. The main objective of ICLP is accessibility through opportunity. The ICLP encourages and allows highly qualified prospective law students to apply for admission to Osgoode when they would not otherwise do so due to high tuition fees and other financial barriers. NYLS Law ranks #50 in terms of tuition fees among full-time law students ($51,732). We rank out of a total of 283 tuition fees from 194 law schools and rank twice as many law schools that have different tuition fees inside and outside the state. Approval decisions are made based on an overall assessment of your entire file (in accordance with the objectives of our approval policy as set out in the mission statement). Successful candidates typically have at least a cumulative grade point average of “A” (includes all years of undergraduate study) and an LSAT in the 80th percentile or better. Significantly higher LSAT or cumulative grade point average (CGPA) scores can compensate for a less competitive LSAT or CGPA. Osgoode`s historical and contemporary role in diversifying and transforming the legal profession is unparalleled. Our admissions policy recognizes, promotes and celebrates excellence and equity.

We consider academic results and Law School Admission Tests (LSAT), significant achievements, and the ways in which social inequality affects students with proven abilities seeking a legal education. (b) proof of authorisation to practise one or more other courts in the form of a clearance certificate; The applicant must study law at the firm for a period of four years under the supervision of an attorney admitted to the New York Bar. (This four-year requirement counts towards successful semesters at an ABA-recognized law school.) Upon completion of the required period of law school, the candidate is eligible to write the New York State Bar examination. When applying for a bar examination, the applicant and the lawyer(s) in charge of the law firm`s law firm must submit affidavits. You must apply separately for the MES and JD programs and be admitted. You must indicate your interest in the joint program in your applications. Upon admission to both faculties, you will automatically be admitted to the joint program. New York Law School takes a holistic approach to reviewing applications and selecting students for our programs. All parts of a candidate`s profile are important in determining admission, including previous academic achievements and lived experience. Therefore, we place great importance on a candidate`s demonstrated commitment to entering the legal profession, their ability to succeed in law school, as suggested by their LSAT transcripts and results, other public achievements and awards/recognitions, professional and professional background, personal statements, his letters of recommendation and his strong determination to make society to influence the law.

Complete at least 3 years of study (90 credits) at a recognized university in a degree program before June of the admission year. Our admissions policy and approval process emphasize excellence and fairness. We accept an exceptional class of students whose academic skills, diverse experience and sustained commitment make ongoing social and intellectual contributions to the Faculty of Law, the legal profession and the community. Lead Osgoode-specific applications and applications at Osgoode Hall Law School. Graduates of non-ABA law schools in the United States who were also active in a U.S. jurisdiction in 5 of the 7 years preceding their application for the New York Bar examination may qualify for the bar examination under Article 520.5 of the Court of Appeals Rules. Rule 520.5 sets out the following requirements for graduates of non-ABA law schools who wish to write the New York Bar examination: These requirements apply only for admission purposes. Meeting them does not guarantee admission. Typically, we decide in July whether to admit to the extended time program for the first year. You will apply to your faculty during your third year of study to complete your fourth year at Osgoode or Montreal.

During your fourth year at either school, you will need to take many full-time courses during the first year. You will then have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of final year courses. Our admissions team looks forward to working with you every step of the way. First, read our application checklist. Note that all applicants for admission to the JD must have obtained a bachelor`s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, or foreign equivalent. In a pool of approximately 9,000 applicants, many candidates have strong qualifications. The law school admission process is both objective and comparative. The Committee follows an ongoing process of review and reconsideration of the vast majority of the candidate pool. Most applicant applications require a significant comparison with the overall applicant pool before a final decision can be made. For many applicants, the committee is only able to make a decision when it has a clear picture of the entire pool of applicants for the year. Be careful and thorough in preparing your applications and plan ahead to ensure you have all the necessary materials before the following dates. Applications submitted after these deadlines will be reviewed on a spatial basis.

We evaluate applications on an ongoing basis. We do not require all Aboriginal applicants to complete the summer program at the University of Saskatchewan as a first-year entry requirement. If you receive an unconditional offer of admission, participation in the Indigenous Law Centre`s summer program is optional, although we believe it is a great way for all new Indigenous students to prepare for law school and create a peer support network across the country. For example, if you start law school in September 2021, you will receive approximately $45,000 in scholarships over 3 years of law school. The rest of your tuition will be covered by loans. The New York Law School offers the Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation (one of only two law schools in the New York area to offer this continuing education to tax lawyers).