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Hi Louise, great advice. I finally managed to change the name of my Facebook page, all thanks to you! ☺️ Wait for news from FB about your request to change the page name. If you choose that your business name has changed, you will almost certainly need to provide documents. Logos, business cards and websites are not accepted. Keep in mind that you`ll need to change this URL once your page name and username change have been approved and set. Depending on the warning I get when I try to change a name on the phone, you may not have permission to do so. Are you signed in with a Page role that allows you to change the name? Kristin Bush, account strategist at Social Media Examiner, did a report a few years ago in which she said that page name changes can only be done once every 7 days. This may or may not be true. It`s not a good idea to keep changing your Page`s name. This confuses your followers and could lead Facebook to decide that your page is spam.

According to FB rules, you cannot promote your business in a personal profile. Is it for a business page or a personal profile? Keep in mind that over time, search algorithms learn the name of your updated Facebook page and start showing more of the updated name in search results. I just changed the name of my page, but I see this message. I do not know why this happens. I`m sure I`m not breaking any rules and the name is bien.je just changed a word. What must I do? My last page name was itevs web solutions new name should be itevs Digital. When I asked for a new name logo, about , and the banner was with the old name. Is he responsible? Can you please help me. If you change the name but not the URL, they should still work as far as I know.

However, if you change the URL of your FB page, the links are broken. Hello! It helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing. However, I have another question. I have a Facebook page where I post all my poems and other writings. One day, all my messages disappeared. I can no longer access them or see them. Would you know why? Thank you very much! Almost sure you won`t be able to contact them unless you run a lot of ads and have an ads manager.

FB requires page names to use grammatically correct capitalizations, so I doubt this name is allowed. However, there can be loopholes for large companies with a lot of money. Sorry. Changing the page name didn`t work? There can be several reasons for this: like companies, operators sometimes separate. Our site, which we have been operating for years under the name 1, has been renamed Name 2 with a joint venture with others. It didn`t work, and we switched to a new company and changed it to name 3. All company names reflect the activities we do and with a considerable audience, as administrators, we want to take the fans with us. We have always operated the site and the business associated with it.

Do we violate privacy rules if some subscribers joined during Name 2 and are now with Name 3, without their choice or permission? Should we let them know beyond the Facebook name change notification that we are a new entity? Thank you very much…. changed within 5 seconds of submission Facebook must approve your new name before the change takes effect. So make sure you`re sure of the name you choose and make sure it complies with FB`s page naming guidelines. There are no redirects to FB pages. However, you don`t need to change your URL if you change your name. I would suggest changing only the name. I try to create a page for my business called Completely Cookies, but it always gives me a mistake. So it was a crash course on what not to do with your page names. Now back to the tutorial. If your name change is approved, you won`t be able to unpublish the page or change the name again for 7 days. During this time, Facebook will notify your Page`s fans that your Page`s name has been updated.

Starting in January 2020, you won`t be able to change your Page`s name using the updated version of the Facebook mobile app. If you try, you will receive a “Content not found” error message. Therefore, you have to go through your browser instead. Here`s the procedure: Need to change your business` Facebook name? It happens. When you search for the article – this is extremely revealing indeed – especially since FB makes it very difficult to update page names and URLs. Step 3: In the first text box of the General section, you can change the name of your page. If you fall into this cucumber, it may be easier to create a new Facebook for Business page. Start a campaign to move your followers to the right page.

It`s easier to step back and get your ducks online than to keep building a follow-up on a page that doesn`t accurately represent your brand. Unless you have a very strong reason not to, it`s best to keep the company`s existing page with the same name. The request to change the name of the page was rejected. We can`t update your Page`s name because your request doesn`t comply with our Page policies. The name you`re asking for indicates that your Page`s subject has changed or could be misleading. This can be confusing for people who like your Page. I decided to ask for a very similar name for my Louise Myers Graphic Design then in progress: Louise Myers How-To Graphics. I then selected “My page name is misspelled” as the best option. (Don`t even ask me how long I`ve been thinking about it!) Page names must accurately reflect the page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a Page for a brand, location, organization or public figure. Starting in January 2021, it looks like you won`t be able to change your Page`s name in the mobile app.

It looks like you`ll be able to do this, but if you tap on the name to edit it, you`ll get “content not found.” As for us, the URL of our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/lyfemarketing because our username is lyfemarketing. What happens if people can search for your old Page name after your Facebook Page? Constantly changing your Page`s name is confusing for your customers and followers. And that could lead Facebook to decide that your page is spam. I recently (in the last 2-3 weeks) changed the URL on my personal page. I created a “Business” page and wanted to use my previous URL (from my personal Facebook page) for this new business page, but it is currently showing “unavailable”. What can I do to use my previous personal URL as a new business URL? Scroll down and click on the “View all information” link. Now that you`re here, you can change your company name, username, and category. FB does not tell us what their “rules” are when and when they publish previously used names. The only thing I can do is keep checking so you can grab it when it`s released. I`m worried about: -company B`s new name is not accepted -company B`s new name is accepted, but the merger is not accepted -What happens to Business Manager accounts? Will they be merged? Attention: Make sure that the name you ask for is the one you want.

This cannot be undone. TBH I wouldn`t trust the information you might find online because social media platforms change their policies so often. Hi Louise, nice job helping others with FB madness! Can you/can you update to change the name of a business page using the new FB interface of the desktop browser? Sincerely, Colin, I never have a problem finding the place to change the name, what would you suggest I do? For example: Let`s say I wanted to change Louise Myers Graphic Design to How-To Social Media Graphics. I`ve been trying to change the name of my Facebook page for a few weeks now, but the names haven`t been approved, what should I do? If none of these reasons match your situation, file an appeal to change the name of your page by filling out this form! I can`t say for sure why FB does what they do. But if your name is spelled as you left it with this comment, they may consider it a spelling mistake. I`ve rewritten them with the next steps, but it looks like we may need to create an entirely new page, assuming Facebook allows it. We review name changes to protect the identity of the businesses, brands and organizations that represent Facebook Pages. I don`t really want to start a new page and copy and paste everything, seems silly to me. Now that I have a new name on my page, I can get a message when new customers send it, but I can`t reply to their messages. It`s called “Error” We discussed how to change the name of your Facebook business Page on desktop and mobile. We`ve also looked at some of the reasons why you might not be able to rename your Page and what you can do about it. Once a page name change is approved, is the change automatic? Or will you be notified in advance? We try to schedule all our updates to take place on a specific day.

I need help!! I recently changed the name of my Facebook business page. But every time I go to the company page, I can`t see my previous post and also my recent posts. But my customers can see my message. Aside from the few minutes it takes to change a business` name on Facebook, there aren`t many downsides. If you know you need to optimize your Facebook page, don`t put it off again.